Website details

The Overview tab displays more information about a monitor:

  • Performance - A graph with additional performance statistics. The graph will shade any period of downtime in red. Click Add to Dashboard to add this graph to a dashboard.
  • Additional monitoring locations - To add a monitoring location, select it from the drop-down picklist and click Add.
  • Events - A list of alerts that the monitor has sent. Each entry includes the reason for the alert, when it happened, how long it took place (or if it’s currently happening, and where it sent notifications. To delete an alert, go to the Alerts History page.
  • The Summary sidebar.
  • A calendar to display statistics from a particular date.


The Export tab allows you to export a website activity report to a PDF file:

  1. Select the Start date and time for the report.
  2. Select the End date and time for the report.
  3. Click Create Report.
  4. After a few seconds, you can display the PDF file or save it to your computer.


The Maintenance tab allows you to set a maintenance window for a monitor. This will turn off any monitoring alerts during a maintenance window so you can avoid false alarms. Click Add Maintenance Window and enter the details for the window to schedule one. You can edit or remove a maintenance window from the list.


The Settings tab allows you to edit the website monitor’s configuration. These fields and text boxes are similar to the ones available in the Add website tab.
Make your desired changes to the website monitor and click Update.