CloudLinux and CageFS

If you’re running CloudLinux (with CageFS), you might not be able to view the processes list or only be able to view the agent360 process itself.

Enable process-level monitoring

To enable the process-level monitoring, perform the following steps to exclude the agent360 process from CageFS:

  1. Run the id agent360 command to retrieve the groupid for agent360.
  2. Edit the /etc/sysctl.conf file and add the following line to the CageFS section.

Replace GROUPID with the groupid that was returned in step 1.
3. Run the sysctl -p command to enable your changes.
4. Add agent360 to the /etc/cagefs/exclude/systemuserlist file.
5. Enable the changes by running the cagefsctl --force-update command.
6. Run the service lve_namespaces restart command.
7. Run the sudo -u agent360 agent360 test process command to confirm that the changes work.
8. Restart the agent360 service with the service agent360 restart command.