Virtual Machine Plugin

This plugin keeps track of guest virtual machines (KVM, QEMU, Xen, Virtuozzo, VMWare ESX, LXC...) on your server.


  • Disk read (bytes)
  • Disk write (bytes)
  • Disk read (requests)
  • Disk write (requests)
  • Networking out (bytes)
  • Networking in (bytes)
  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Memory min guaranteed
  • Memory hard limit
  • Memory soft limit


apt-get install python-libxml2 libvirt-dev 

This plugin needs the libirt-python plugin. You can install this by running the pip install libvirt-python command, or pip3 install libvirt-python if you're running the agent on python3.

Configure the plugin

To enable the plugin, edit the /etc/agent360-custom.ini file and add the following lines:

enabled = yes

Test the plugin

Run the sudo -u agent360 agent360 test vms command to check if it's returning any data.

Now you can restart the agent with the service agent360 restart command.