The Dashboard page displays information about the devices and servers you add to your 360 Monitoring account.

Navigation Bar

At the top of every 360 Monitoring interface, you will see the 360 Monitoring Navigation Bar. It offers the following options:

  • Dashboard - Displays information about the devices and servers you add to your 360 Monitoring account.

  • Servers - Displays monitoring information for your servers.

  • Metrics - Allows you to add metrics tracking on a server to a dashboard or download a chart of those metrics.

  • Websites - Allows you to monitor the status of websites or devices.

  • Pages - Allows you to create a publicly-available status page at 360 Monitoring.

  • Alerts - Displays all active alert notifications and alert conditions.

The Dashboard

The Overview dashboard displays widgets that contain general information about all of the resources on your account. You can set the range of statistics displayed by the Dashboard by clicking the calendar icon and selecting the start and finish line for the range.

The Overview dashboard defaults to the following widgets:

  • Response time by site.

  • CPU usage by server.

  • Memory usage per server.

  • Network usage.

  • Alerts - This section will display a timeline of the past 48 hours, with any alert periods in red. Move your cursor over those alert periods for more details.

  • Top consumers of various resources.

Click a hostname or device name to display that asset's Details page.

Customize a dashboard's layout

You can perform the following actions on each widget:

  • Click and drag the widget to a new location on a dashboard.

  • Click the arrows in the lower-right corner of the widget to resize it.

  • Click the trash can icon to remove the widget.

To add a widget to a dashboard, use any of the following:


The Servers tab displays a summary of the essential metrics for each server. You can filter the summaries that appear with the Tags text box, and you can sort the summaries by the metrics on the right side of the page.

Click a summary to display that server's Server details page.


The Websites tab displays all of the active site monitors on your account.

  • A graph of response times.

  • Uptime percentages.

  • SSL expiration tracking.

  • Most recent issue.

Click a website monitor to display details about that monitor.

My Dashboards

The My Dashboards tab lists all of the dashboards on your account.

Click an Actions button on the far right side to perform any of the following actions on a dashboard:

  • Add notes - Allows you to add notes to a dashboard.

  • Reset dashboard - Resets the dashboard to its original widgets and layout.

  • Add metrics - Allows you to add metrics to a dashboard. The Metrics page will appear.

Add Dashboard

The Add Dashboard tab allows you to create a new dashboard:

  1. Click Add Dashboard to create a new one

  2. Enter a name for the dashboard and click Save.

  3. Click add charts to add metrics to the dashboard. The Metrics page will appear.

Additional information

  • Installation - 360 Monitoring installation information.

  • Plugins - 360 Monitoring Plugins that allow you to monitor additional services and systems.

  • Development - Information and guides for developers.