The Alerts page lists all active alert notifications and alert conditions.


The first four buttons buttons in an alert’s row indicate the following conditions for an alert:

  • Whether the alert is muted.
  • Whether the alert triggers when it opens, closes, or both.
  • Whether the alert uses the default alert template.
  • Whether to repeat the alert.

The next four buttons allow you to perform the following actions:

  • Pause - Pause any alarms on that alert. PAUSED will appear in the alert’s row. Click again to turn the alert back on.
  • Inspect - A red dot will appear on this button if there is an active alert. Click it to open the Alert History page.
  • Edit - Edit the details of an alert.
  • Delete - Delete the alert.

Create an Alert

To create an alert, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Create an alert. A new window will appear.
  2. Select a metric.
  3. Select a key.
  4. Select a condition (higher than, lower than, equals, does not equal).
  5. Enter a value for that metric and key to measure.
  6. Enter a value for how many minutes to wait before opening an alert.
  7. Select the alert recipients (Contacts).
  8. Select the Target Server for the alert monitoring with tags, or leave that text box blank to monitor all servers.
  9. Click Advanced options to see more options.
  10. Select whether to send alerts when the alert opens, when the alert closes, or both conditions.
  11. Select the Severity to mark the alert.
  12. Enter a value of how many times to repeat the alert, how many times to repeat it, and what time period to wait in between alerts.
  13. Click Alert template to enter a template for the alert text.
  14. Enter a value for how long to Mute an alert in minutes after you close it.
  15. Click Save.

The new alert will appear at the bottom of the interface.


The History page lists all of the alert entries on your account. The page will shade any active alerts in red.
You can filter the list of alerts as well as search for a particular server and tag.
To delete an alert entry, click the trash can icon.


The Contacts page lists all of the contacts and their active contact methods on your 360 Monitoring account.
To test a contact method for a contact, click the appropriate test button.

Manage contacts

To create a new contact, perform the following steps:

  1. Click New Contact. A new page will appear.
  2. Enter the contact’s Name, Email address, Phone Number, and the information for any other contact method available that you wish to use.
  3. Click Save.

To edit a contact, click a contact’s link to open a new page. Edit the information and click Save.