The Servers page displays monitoring information for your servers.

Servers Overview

The Overview page displays a list of all the servers that you monitor. You can sort the servers with the sorting menu on the right side of the table header (name, load, cpu, memory, disk, and network traffic). You can also click the open alerts toggle to display any open alerts for the servers.

The bottom of the interface displays the time until the next update, CPU, Memory, Disk Used, Upload and Download network traffic, and how many alerts are open for the server.

Click a server’s hostname to open its Server Details page.

Add a server

To add a server to 360 Monitoring, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Add Server. A new window will appear.
    Follow the instructions on that page:

For Linux servers, you will log into your server as the root user and run a line of code.
Windows Users need to download our installation file, execute it and follow the steps.
For more information, read our Installation Guide.