Redis Plugin

This plugin allows you to monitor the Redis system.

Reported Metrics

The metrics available from Redis can be found on the source of the plugin. You can enable or disable metrics by commenting them out of the file with a # character.


  • redis pypi

If you're running python3, you can run pip3 install redis, if you're running the older python2 agent360, you can run pip install redis.

You can find out the python version by running the agent360 info command. The plugin directory will have the python version. For example: /usr/local/lib/python3.6/

Configure the plugin

To enable the plugin, edit the /etc/agent360.ini file and add the following lines:


Test the plugin

To see if the plugin is working, run the agent360 test redis_stat command. It should return JSON data for the plugin:

"uptime_in_seconds": 59949.0,...

Now you can restart the agent with the service agent360 restart command.