Getting Started with 360 Monitoring

This page will help you get started with 360 Monitoring. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!


You will receive Monitoring Lite with your 360 subscription, which monitors up to 1 server and 5 sites. If you want to monitor more servers or websites, or you wish to receive messages about alerts, click Monitoring Pro for pricing on additional monitoring.

To install 360 Monitoring on your system, read our Installation.

  • Dashboard - Displays information about the devices and servers you add to your 360 Monitoring account.

  • Servers - Displays monitoring information for your servers.

  • Metrics - Allows you to add metrics tracking on a server to a dashboard or download a chart of those metrics.

  • Websites - Allows you to monitor the status of websites or devices.

  • Pages - Allows you to create a publicly-available status page at 360 Monitoring.

  • Alerts - Displays all active alert notifications and alert conditions.

Additional information

  • Installation - 360 Monitoring installation information.

  • Our Plugins - 360 Monitoring Plugins that allow you to monitor additional services and systems.